The first time I obtained the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was the week of Thanksgiving, 2013. I was sitting on the sofa in my "prayer spot", praying the Rosary.  On the third day, some time during the fourth decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries (the carrying of the cross) I looked out the window.  And through the bare twin trunks of the dogwood, I saw across the street in the woods...  a cross!  A tree had fallen at just the right angle.  It wasn't there before!  

I have been blessed with this view out my window for more than a year now. It wasn't visible during the summer but when the foliage disappeared in the autumn, I was happy to see the cross was still there.  

It occurred to me, even though I'm not able to see the cross during the full bloom of summer, like Jesus, it's still there, even when I don't see its presence...